I just want to tell you something that's really important for us to know..
I realized that I made some mistakes and that sometimes I make you mad. But even though we have a lot of problems. You know that I'm still here for you. And that I'm still fighting for "us". 

I love spending my time with you. I love every single moment that we're shared. You're the reason why I smile everyday. I love the fact that you're a part of my life. You're so important to me.

I just want to be by your side for the rest of my life. I know it's hard to not give up to stick by someone's side but relationship aren't perfect. Please don't give up on us.
We will get through it. A lot of people said that we couldn't make it. That we weren't going to be last. But you look at us, we're still trying and we're still together 💑

And I'm glad, I just want to show you off and one day, we'll show the world that We made it and that we can get through Everything.
But more than that, that our love is stronger that what they thought it was. I want this to last FOREVER. 

I promise you that I'll take care of you, I promise to love you more and more everyday. I promise to be a better person because I want to be worthy, I don't care about your past or mine. Because I want you to be my present and my future. 

I love You so much 😘

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